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  • Serial number and model code of your machine: both are on the “CE sticker” on the machine.
  • Provide a description of the malfunction.
    • For example: my thresher does not start, the malfunction lamp on the switch box is on, the touch screen alarm page shows the following malfunctions …
  • Photographs or short films of the problem(s). Add a photo of the problem and/ or touch screen page(s).
  • Use the serial number and short malfunction description in the subjectline of your email.
  • If you have a Remote Service Unit for remote access to your machine(s). Connect it to the machine and to the internet by WAN/ WIFI/ 4G.
  • Our service engineers can visit you worldwide.
  • For “Emergencies” and “Normal” service/ maintenance we schedule a visit.
  • We can remotely access machines with a PLC/ Touch screen using remote access hard- and software.
  • For certain regions/countries we have local partners to support you.
  • Please refer to our International partners
  • We answer your questions by email.
  • We answer your questions by telephone on workdays between 07:00 AM – 06:00 PM CET.
  • We can remotely access machines with a PLC/Touch screen using remote access hard- and software.
  • The Remote Service Unit is a device that allows Seed Processing Holland access to your machine via the internet using WAN/ WIFI/ 4G. This only works with machines that have a PLC/Touch screen.
  • We sell a Remote Service Unit that you can use for multiple machines.
    • This is a lower cost option than an integrated unit but requires you to manually connect to the machine to the unit.
    • Once connected we can access, with your permission, your machine 24/7 without you being present.
  • We can integrate a Remote Service Unit in your machine.
    • When integrated and connected to the internet we can access, with your permission, your machine 24/7 without you being present.
    • This allows a quicker response time.
  • When connected to your machine and the internet, the Remote Service Unit provides a secure VPN connection between Seed Processing Holland and your machines PLC/ Touch screen.
  • This allows our staff to view and operate your machine to solve the disturbance.

Tim de Vries

Inside Sales Manager

T +31 228 784 100

Angelina Joost

Daniëlle Karel

Melanie Klein

  • Check if a spare part list is present in your user manual.
  • Contact us via
  • To help you as quickly and efficiently as possible please provide us with:
    • Serial number and model code of your machine. Both are on the “CE sticker” on the machine.
    • A detailed description of the part(s) needed. Refer to the spare part list in your user manual.
    • Photographs of the part(s) and location in the machine.
  • To minimize down time.
  • We recommend to keep stock of critical spare parts on site.
  • If there is no spare parts list present in your user manual, contact us to request a list/quotation.

  • A service contract is not a necessity, but preventive service of your machine helps by:
    • ensuring peak performance of the machine so that your end product is of the quality you expect.
    • extends the life of the machine.
    • prevents/ reduces down time due to disturbances.
  • We provide tailor made service contracts for your machine(s) and installation(s).
  • These contracts can contain preventive planned maintenance, disturbance solving (on site and/or remote), spare parts….
  • The costs of service depend on many factors like the complexity of the machine(s), the interval of service visits and the runtime of the machine(s).
  • Contact us via for a quotation.
  • General maintenance and problem solving is described in the User Manual supplied with the machine.
  • Replacing/maintaining certain parts require specialist knowledge.
  • Maintenance on parts of the installation that contain refrigerants legally requires certified personnel.
  • We supply service ourselves or via one of our local partners. Your own service personnel and/or local partners may also be able to solve the issues.
  • On request we can supply support for your own service personnel and/or local partners. Costs may be charged for that support.
  • General installation is described in the User Manual supplied with the machine, but certain machines and larger installations require specialist knowledge.
  • Installations containing refrigerants require certified personnel for installation.
  • We can supply service ourselves or by one of our local partners. We can also collaborate with your own service personnel and/or local partners.
  • Contact your Sales account manager to discuss the options when ordering your machine or installation.

  • In general, the User Manual is placed in the central switchbox of the machine.
  • If missing, send an email to with subject:
    • Please send the User Manual with serial number (fill in the serial number of your machine, you can find it on the CE sticker of the switch box).
  • In general, we supply a one-year warranty on your machine after delivery or completion.
  • If agreed differently at time of purchase (extended warranty or special installations) this can be longer.
  • That warranty period is mentioned in the order confirmation.
  • Are all doors and (inspection) hatches closed?
  • Did you set all process settings on the touch screen?
  • The Emergency stop is activated. Deactivate it.
  • The Manual (service) mode is activated. No process can be started in manual mode. Deactivate Manual mode.
  • Are all the doors and hatches closed?
  • Close air valves/flaps/slots that are not used.
    • The air needs to flow through the product for drying and correct readings from the sensors.
  • Have you set a drying temperature, an end RH and process times?
    • for 30% RH the minimum temperature is 22,5°C / 72.5°F
    • for 25% RH the minimum temperature is 25,5°C / 77,9°F
    • for 20% RH the minimum temperature is 29,5°C / 85.1°F
  • If the product is too wet, drying can take (too) long, use a centrifuge first.
  • If too much product is placed in the dryer, the air flow will not be good.
    • Seed containers and drums must never exceed the maximum of 50% seed volume.
    • Set the ventilator speeds to match the amount of product in the containers or drums. Too slow does not dry, too fast damages the product.
  • Check and clean the air filters.
    • The performance of dryers is influenced by the status of the filters, ensure the filters are in good condition and replace them in time!
  • Check your user manual for more information.
  • The beater speed is too slow or fast.
    • Too slow and the seeds do not get threshed.
    • Too fast and the seeds gets damaged.
  • You may not be using the correct size mantle.
    • When the perforation is smaller than the seeds, the seeds are discharged together with the waste materials.
    • When the perforation is (much) too large, too much waste material is mixed with the threshed seeds.
  • Is the distance between the beater and mantle corresponding with your product?
    • When the distance is too small, the seeds get damaged.

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