TURNKEY solutions

Total Installations

Seed Processing Holland has a lot of experience in designing complete seed processing lines. These are built up as much as possible from our standard machines and where necessary supplemented with specially designed solutions, or machines from third parties, to create a functioning and fully integrated solution. When processing many, especially small, batches we also provide fast cleaning times between these batches.

Innovation - R&D

Always and everywhere

Our R&D team continuously works on our range of solutions for your seed processing process. We take a close look at existing machines, devise new ways to achieve the desired result, observe trends and respond to them as much as possible. Current areas of attention are a higher degree of automation, sustainability, data availability and of course the prevention of mixing of seed types.

Engineering in 3D

Everything fitting in your space

A well-trained team of engineers makes the machine drawings and the total solutions in 3D for a realistic representation. We use your factory layout and place the chosen solution in it. This gives you a clear impression of what the installation looks like when it is installed. During the sales process we use the 3D drawing to view all aspects of the solution with you and adjust them where necessary. Together we will find the best solution for your needs.

Experience center

Prevent surprises by performing a seed test

In our Experience Center in Enkhuizen we have machines for all steps of the seed processing process. It is possible to perform tests with your seeds. The tests will be documented and we will give you recommendations on how to achieve the best results. An inspiring environment full of seed processing machines!
Are you curious which machines achieve the best results for your seeds? Ask us about the possibilities.



Seed Processing Holland designs and supplies all the machines needed to set up your total seed processing line all over the world. This can be standard machines, complete integrated lines or even special machines. We focus on the market segments: Vegetables and Field Crops. Our approach is based on intensive contact with you from information request, to installation at your company. After that, our service department is available for training, maintenance and all other necessary activities during the life cycle of the processing solution.


Overview of our projects

In the more than 55 years of our existence we have been able to carry out many projects for our worldwide customers. We have worked closely with these customers to achieve the desired solution that fits the available space. Click on the button below for some examples of our projects.

Total solution provider

From extraction machines to disinfection, treating and drying, but also total solutions

Thanks to many years of cooperation with seed companies and the delivery of tailor-made solutions, Seed Processing Holland offers you a total package of seed processing equipment for all steps of the processing process. We now serve over 7000 companies in 100 countries and are the only one with such a wide range.

We distinguish ourselves from the rest by supplying and maintaining high-quality machines. Curious how we do that?


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