KWS is very satisfied with the solution-oriented approach of Seed Processing Holland

KWS is very satisfied with the solution-oriented approach of Seed Processing Holland

“This solution-oriented adaptation of the standard machine solution is exactly what we need to be successful.”
Karl Hütte, Head of Seed Processing in Einbeck.

About KWS SAAT SE & Co. KGaA

KWS is one of the leading breeding companies worldwide. As a family business, KWS has been run independently for more than 165 years. The focus is on plant breeding and the production and sale of maize, sugar beet, grain, potato, oil rape seed, sunflower and vegetable seed. KWS uses the most modern methods of plant breeding. With approximately 6,000 employees, KWS is present in more than 70 countries.

Customized seed air cleaning machine and seed thresher

Jonas Wielert, Project Manager Breeding Stations at KWS, indicates that they have been in constant contact with Seed Processing Holland in recent years. They experience the relationship as very pleasant and professional. Recently, KWS purchased a Laboratory Seed Air Separator, CAM-2201 and a Seed Thresher, TMM-4210 for their seed processing plant in Einbeck.

A standard seed thresher was not an option for KWS due to the large amount of waste and chaff. In addition, their old threshers had to be cleaned after each run to be free of seed residue. This thresher is equipped with Clean-in-Place (CIP) compressed air cleaning. Thanks to our innovative seed air cleaning system, they can now perform this cleaning at the touch of a button. This saves them a lot of time compared to manual cleaning. They can now also collect the threshed seeds in a big bag.

Important partner

KWS is very satisfied with our solution-oriented approach, extensive experience and openness to special solutions. As a result, KWS is convinced that we will continue to be an important partner for KWS in the future.


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