Incotec develops quality products with our rotary pelleting machine

Incotec develops quality products with our rotary pelleting machine

“A pleasant cooperation in which a lot of structure was brought from SPH for going through the whole process. Right on time and always quick follow-up of action points. A structural cooperation towards the desired result.”
Marieke Praat, Research Technician at Incotec

About Incotec

Incotec is a seed improvement specialist. With seed technology, they improve the performance and resilience of seeds. The world’s population is growing and all these people need healthy food, while less and less land is available to grow that food on. Incotec’s seed treatment technologies improve germination and stimulate seed growth and increase crop yields. Thus, they contribute to the development of sustainable agriculture.

A safe and labour-friendly machine

Incotec needed a safe and labour-friendly machine on which they could develop products on a small scale. A machine equipped with two liquid pumps and two coating feeders with the ability to transfer these products to production via recipe creation. An additional wish was for the machine to be height-adjustable so that it would be workable for everyone.
This kind of machine could not be found on the market, so they got in touch with Seed Processing Holland. Based on Incotec’s requirements, we proposed our Rotary Pelleting Machine, PRM-4010.


The Rotary Pelleting Machine is working to their full satisfaction! Incotec indicates that its operation and control with our software is user-friendly, settings are easy to change and processes can be performed both automatically and manually. The products meet Incotec’s quality requirements. Furthermore, the machine is also easy to clean and the height-adjustable table ensures that operation and cleaning can be carried out ergonomically.

Incotec is satisfied with the cooperation with SPH. Points they raised were well followed up and tested for satisfaction. The machine was tested at SPH with their own products and optimisations were made as a result.


We hope we have piqued your interest and curiosity in our pelleting solutions. If you are interested or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us:
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