A more efficient and simple seed extraction process for Royston Petrie Seeds

A more efficient and simple seed extraction process for Royston Petrie Seeds

The core business of Royston Petrie Seeds is growing, harvesting and supplying clean, traceable, reliable seeds to their customers across Australia and overseas. For the processing of Tomato, Cucumber, Sweet peppers, Hot peppers, Melons and Eggplant they use our seed extraction solution.

About Royston Petrie Seeds

Royston Petrie Seeds Pty Ltd from Mudgee, Autralia is a family-owned wholesale supplier of seeds to nurseries, commercial growers, revegetation companies, plantations, landscaping companies, wholesalers, market gardeners, primary producers and home gardeners in Australia and overseas.

Making the seed extraction process more efficient and simple

After getting information regarding seed extraction equipment, they approached Seed Processing Holland because of our experience within the industry and our quality products.

The most suitable machine for the products

We helped Royston Petrie Seeds choose the machine that best suits their products. They wanted to process Tomato, Cucumber, Sweet peppers, Hot peppers, Melons and Eggplant. Seed Processing Holland advised the Seed Extraction Machine, EMM-1100 and also what accessories they needed to make the processing of their product more efficient.


The result was outstanding, Royston Petrie Seeds was very happy with the machine. The quality of the workmanship and the recommendations on screen size and accessories made processing simple. One thing they liked was our flexible approach to working with them and understanding their needs from 14,000 km away. They found the experience straightforward, from ordering to shipping to parts and tutorials, a very easy process.


We hope we have aroused your interest and curiosity in our extraction solutions. If you are interested or have questions, please do not hesitate to contact us: Click here for our sales representative in your region

“I recommend Seed Processing Holland to companies who want a simple approach to purchasing seed processing equipment.”

Rowena Petrie, Director at Royston Petrie Seeds


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