BASF – Nunhems is a happy customer!

Nov 25, 2022 | News

BASF – Nunhems is a happy customer!


We are proud to inform you that the BASF – Nunhems has decided to invest further in the sustainable seed drying solutions of Seed Processing Holland. Besides the energy reduction aspect, their seeds in Italy and France are dried in perfect conditions that maintain the seed viability and vigor!

This new sustainable heat pump-based seed drying technology meets BASF-Nunhems demand for reduction of energy and carbon emissions by 30 – 40%! Also, the efficient smart automatic control system dries the plant material and seeds so accurately that seed quality is guaranteed and maintained.

Our new drying system certainly meets the high expectations. We are proud that a leading seed company like BASF-Nunhems has decided to invest in this new technology.



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