Automatic processing line for field crop seeds

The quality of field crops (ROW crops) is determined by their seeds. The breeding and foundational phases are critical for viable lots, but accuracy comes at the expense of time efficiency. The multi-stage process raises the risks of contamination and leads to seed wastage.

Our Heat Pump-based drying technology is 1 of 5 most innovative products 2022!

Seed World put out a call for innovative products in the seed sector last year. Customers are looking for innovations that not only add yield and increase return on investment but provide environmental benefits as well. Our Heat Pump- and Water-based Seed Drying Technology has earned a spot in Seed World’s 5 Most Innovative Products […]

Seed Processing Holland wishes you happy holidays!

Dear relations, The year has flown by and what a lot has happened. Not only at Seed Processing Holland and at all our relations, but also in the world we all live in. After the years of COVID, we are facing a war, various climate and energy issues and high inflation. Therefore, sustainability is high […]

BASF Nunhems is a happy customer!

We are proud to inform you that the BASF – Nunhems has decided to invest further in the sustainable seed drying solutions of Seed Processing Holland. Besides the energy reduction aspect, their seeds in Italy and France are dried in perfect conditions that maintain the seed viability and vigor!

New sustainable heat pump

SPH introduces a new sustainable heat pump-based seed drying technology.

The ever-rising costs of gas and electricity have a huge impact on overhead costs and business strategy, making us want to be independent of nonrenewable energy resources. Fortunately, Seed Processing Holland is well prepared for these circumstances.

Integrate equipment and process data with SPH connect

Seed processing processes have never been more complex than they are now; higher volumes versus more smaller orders, shortage of labor and process knowledge, stringent regulations, worldwide logistics, traceability, sustainability, etc. It all requires seed processing processes to be as efficient and effective as possible.

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