Why Solynta chose the EMM-2001 to extract hybrid true potato seed

Why Solynta chose the EMM-2001 to extract hybrid true potato seed

In March of 2020 Solynta, a hybrid potato breeding company based in Wageningen, the Netherlands, ordered the EMM-2001, a True Potato Seed Extraction Machine from Seed Processing Holland. After a few additional joint tests and last-minute modifications at our factory, we sent the machine to Solynta in June 2020. Since then, the machine has been in operation and has processed millions of Hybrid True Potato Seeds.

About Solynta

In 2008, Solynta took up the challenge – and the responsibility – to revolutionize potato breeding. Solynta chose this road because they know hybrid potatoes can enhance not only the livelihood of farmers, producers and consumers, but also because they believe it will enable a plentiful potato yield in every corner of the world.

In doing so, Solynta dares to push the boundaries of sustainable improvements in food and nutritional security worldwide.  Together with partners around the world Solynta applies their ground-breaking technology and create long lasting impact on global food supply. Seed Processing Holland is proud to be one of those partners.

Hybrid True Potato seed

Hybrid True Potato Seeds are the result of hand pollination between stable female and stable male inbred lines. The Seeds are harvested from potato berries produced on the plant. The seeds are called ‘Hybrid True Potato Seeds’ (HTPS) to differentiate them from ‘seed potatoes’ which are genetically identical clones of a tuber.

Hybrid True Potato Seed is seen as an effective alternative for potato seed tubers. In developing countries, the small, light and disease-free seeds can replace bulky, perishable and sometimes diseased seed tubers. When conditioned properly, the shelf life of HTPS is much longer than traditional seed potatoes.  The small size of the seed means it only takes 25 grams of Hybrid True Potato Seed to plant one hectare instead of using 2,500 kilos of potato seed tubers!

Design and testing

The True Potato Seed Extraction machine is based on the Tomato Seed Extraction machine of Seed Processing Holland. That machine was developed in corporation with tomato seed production sites to create a compact, easy to use and easy to clean extraction machine. True Potato seed is 10 times smaller in volume than tomato seed. We were required to take this reduction in volume into account in the final design of the EMM-2001. Together, Seed Processing Holland and Solynta carried out two tests with potato berries. After the tests at our factory, Solynta suggested some modifications which  increased the machines efficiency even further.

In practice

We developed and built this machine to be user friendly, easy to clean and to avoid build-up of residual berry pulp inside the machine. The EMM-2001 installed easily and worked as expected.  With the EMM-2001 Solynta has seen an increase in seed processing capacity, less seed losses, higher and more consistent seed quality and a standardized/proven method which is scalable for seed extraction.  Perhaps most important is the reduction in time pressure faced by staff.

Technical advantages

  • Three separations in one process (seed, pulp, and juice)
  • Perfect design ‘residual formation in the machine is minimized’
  • Easy and quick to inspect and clean. Very clean seeds, less cleaning is required after


We hope we have piqued your interest and curiosity for this machine and solutions it provides. If you are interested or have questions do not hesitate to contact us:

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