The Euroseeds Board of Directors on 09 June confirmed that we are going ahead with the planning for our 2020 Congress to be held in Malta from 11 to 13 October!

We see numbers of COVID infections decreasing in most of Europe as well as numerous other countries, and more and more restrictions on our social and professional interaction and international travel are being lifted. Most airlines have already resumed some connections and announced a step-by-step increase of flight numbers and destinations by summer. Malta airport will re-open by July and we have also been informed that meeting restrictions in Malta will be lifted by the end of this month.

We are therefore confident to be able to hold a proper Euroseeds Congress in Malta mid October that lives up to our high standards and your expectations.

But we are also well aware that the situation is fragile and may change again in the coming months; and that it continuous to require precaution and good will of all involved. We will take no risks as regards the safety of all of you and we continue to work closely with the relevant authorities in Malta, at EU and national levels to determine possible conditions and restrictions should they become necessary.

All participants will receive sanitary kits with masks, gloves and disinfectants. Trade tables will be separated to the extent possible and practical management measures for breaks, lunches etc. will be developed and implemented on site in a way that supports a smooth running of the Congress and your health and well-being. Rest assured that together with venue, service providers and the many others that are needed for a successful congress organisation, we do our best to be as well prepared as we can be. To do so, we also kindly ask you to supply us with some additional information as regards your plans regarding meeting and/or trade participation on site; this will help us to better plan numbers and consequent organisation.

As mentioned earlier, we will add virtual elements to our congress programme, in line with the wishes and requests of many of our long-standing partners and exhibitors and many others. If all goes well and we can indeed organise our congress in Malta as planned and outlined above, these virtual elements will be add-ons; they shall add to, not replace the desired interactive nature of our real-life event. We intend to provide formats that will allow those of you who may not be with us in this unusual year to at least have some possibilities to follow important policy discussions and exchange with customers, partners and, not least, friends. You can expect further, more detailed information on these formats and on the conditions for virtual participation very soon.

I repeat that we are well aware of our responsibilities to you, our guests, our colleagues, our friends. We do not take this responsibility lightly and your well-being will continue to be the priority in all our preparations.

Still, I sincerely hope that we will see each other in good health and spirit at the Euroseeds2020 Congress in Malta.

Until then, stay well and safe, yours