SPH takes the next step in vegetable seed calibration

Jun 10, 2021 | News

SPH takes the next step in vegetable seed calibration

For breeding and foundation stations, who process small vegetable seed lots, exact calibrating (sizing) of seeds by diameter is key!

That is precisely what our CCM-4900, Unbalanced Calibration Machine 1.44 m² does. After the success of the large unbalanced calibration machines, Seed Processing Holland is proud to present the CCM-4900. A basic calibration machine that does what you buy it for: exact calibrating (sizing) of seeds.

Unlike eccentric driven machines, our unbalanced (vibration) calibration machine is very low maintenance due to limited moving parts.

Seeds are dosed on to the screens from the inlet hopper of ± 45 litres using a dosing belt. Three screens of 800 x 600 mm size your product into four fractions. The integrated ball box uses rubber balls to prevent the screens from clogging up by interval high speed vibration.

The basic model can be upgraded with an automatic screen clamping system, a protective hood and level sensors.

• Highly accurate seed calibration (sizing). Create a uniform plant growth with <3 % size accuracy possible (depending on speed and screen length).
• Silent process with unbalance motors that vibrate the screens.
• Robust design with low maintenance because of the unbalance motors.
• Fast cleaning in between lots due to the open but safe design which prevent seed contamination.

Do you want to take the next step in vegetable seed calibration? Contact your salesperson.


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