SPH presents its new DRM Conditioned Seed Dryer video!

Jan 22, 2021 | News

SPH presents its new DRM Conditioned Seed Dryer video!

To give you a good insight in how our drying process works, we have made a short video about our Conditioned Seed Dryers.

In short, seeds are dried in drums after a wet process like seed extraction, disinfection, priming, coating, treating or pelleting. The relative humidity and temperature of the process can be set to the desired conditions, independent of any ambient weather circumstances. We use heat pump technology to dehumidify the air. Therefore this seed dyer is the most sustainable air de-hydration system available in the seed industry for maintaining your seed viability.

Shown in the video is our DRM-4300 Conditioned Seed Dryer, the best drying solution available for the seed industry!

It is suitable for rotational drying of moist vegetable and or hemp seeds, like tomato, pepper, sweet pepper, cucumber, squash, eggplant, hemp or cannabis seeds in a controlled way. For this a DRS-4100 Rotation Unit is placed inside the dryer. The seed drums with the seeds are placed on this unit. The dryer is also suited for fluid bed drying of pellets when placing a Fluid Bed Pellet Drying System into the dryer.

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