Efficient and ergonomic tomato seed extraction is possible!

Apr 19, 2021 | News

Efficient and ergonomic tomato seed extraction is possible!

Seed Processing Holland helps Bayer’s Crop Science division located in Bergschenhoek, the Netherlands, with testing their different tomato varieties on our tomato seed extraction machine. Small lots from 3 to 5 tomatoes up to 5 kilos will be processed with an average of 100 lots per day.


Until now the tomatoes are mainly crushed, and the seeds are extracted by hand. To prevent heavy labour with back problems as a result and to become more efficient, Bayer is interested in our Tomato Seed Extraction Machine, EMM-1201.  This machine is already used at their French division and according to Reyhan Aslan, Automation Manager they are very satisfied with the separation and quality results.


The Tomato Seed Extraction Machine is used to extract seeds from small R&D (breeding) tomato lots. The built-in water nozzle system enables a quick cleaning cycle (Clean in Place) avoiding residual formation between lots. The nozzles allow (pre-)rinsing during and after the extraction process. And post-cleaning is advised. So, this plug and play machine is very suitable for the Division Vegetable Seeds of Bayer’s Crop Science division. The machine has been tested with batches in different sizes and hopefully Reyhan Aslan and her team will be as satisfied as their French colleagues!


“It is most important that every seed is extracted from the tomato. And with this machine we think we can achieve this in the most ergonomic and less time-consuming way!”
Reyhan Aslan, Automation Manager Bayer’s Crop Science division

Are you interested in testing this machine yourself? Please contact us!


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