Here at Seed Processing Holland  we love figures and statistics. On this page we would like to share some of this information with you. We do this via so-called # Didyouknow? Interesting facts and useful to know. You can view them below.

1. DIDYOUKNOW that the Seed Air Separator CAM is the machine the most sold?

This air cleaning technique is very suitable for removing plant parts or empty seeds based on weight differences, so that the purity of the seed lot is improved.

2. DIDYOUKNOW that the ERM Extraction machine was our first developed machine?

Roller extraction is highly suitable for extracting seeds from fruit crops such as melon, pumpkin, watermelon and zucchini.

3. DIDYOUKNOW that some of our customers process potato berries on our tomato extraction machine EMM?

The potato seed market is developing rapidly and so is the extraction of seeds from the berries. The EMM is a relatively new development that has been successfully introduced in the tomato market to extract seeds from tomatoes batches and now also in potato berries. There is no specific extraction machine for potato berries, but the EMM performs very well with some minor adjustments because the seeds are many times smaller.

4. DIDYOUKNOW we have a regional sales office in Vietnam?

In 2017, our highly experienced employee Paul Koomen opened the regional sales office on behalf of Seed Processing Holland and serves customers in the region from there.