Collaboration between SPH and Staatsbosbeheer

Feb 25, 2021 | News

Collaboration between SPH and Staatsbosbeheer


Seed Processing Holland (SPH) supplies a wide range of machines for the seed processing industry. And sometimes something completely different comes our way. Namely the collaboration between Staatsbosbeheer and SPH for cleaning birch seeds. The birch is a true pioneer tree that often returns as the first type of tree in large numbers after felling, fire or other forms of forest loss. That explains something of the enormously high productivity!


Before the tree seeds can be used, these seeds must first be processed and cleaned. To give good cleaning advice and to be able to offer the right machine, we asked Staatsbosbeheer to send a sample so that we could do some tests. Eventually our Laboratory Seed Air Screen Cleaning Machine – CSM-4100 – is installed and running to full satisfaction. This way we like to contribute to a green society.


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