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since 1967

From an exclusive construction company to market leader in seedprocessing equipment

Seed Processing Holland has its roots on the grounds of Royal Sluis (now part of Monsanto). IJsbrand van Dok and Karel de Boer started their own construction company there and manufactured and repaired parts for seed processing machines – exclusively for Royal Sluis.

to the extensive work and the already growing seed industry, there was soon a need for a larger workspace, which led to a move to ” Het Waaigat ” (1972) and again six years later to the current location of Seed Processing Holland; Zoutketen in Enkhuizen..

Expansion work in 1983 caused a major fire that burned the entire company to ashes. All that could be saved were the drawings. The reconstruction of the building also meant a new start: from now on van Dok & de Boer would operate worldwide.

Van Dok & de Boer built a worldwide customer base for more than 10 years, Until they decided to go their separate ways in 1992. Van Dok & de Boer became history and Seed Processing Holland B.V. was born.


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    • seed filmcoating


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    • 3D CAD System


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    • IJsbrand van Dok


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  • -Conditioned seed drying cabinets
  • -RDC (Integrated coating- and drying system)



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  • New generation conditioned seed dryers



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  • exceeded 30 employees



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  • Integrated threshing- and cleaning equipment for laboratory and production applications.



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  • 75+ employees

new route,

same quality level

In the years that followed, Seed Processing Holland was closely involved in pioneering innovations in the fields of seed extraction, seed drying and seed coating.

The first counting and packaging machines were also presented. Partly thanks to these innovations, Seed Processing Holland has become a reliable partner for all major players in the seed processing industry and has active references all over the world.

The company is growing fast and in 2014 it is decided to start a sales office in America. We believe in the power of collaboration and by literally reducing the distance between our customers, we increased our service level. We can switch faster and know what you need faster. After America, we opened our office for Southeast Asia in 2017 and our office for China in 2019.

Seed Processing Holland
as total solution provider.

From extraction machines to disinfection and drying, but also total solutions.

Thanks to many years of cooperation with seed companies and the delivery of tailor-made solutions, Seed Processing Holland offers you a total package of seed processing equipment for all steps of the processing process. We now serve over 7000 companies in 100 countries and are the only one with such a wide range.

We distinguish ourselves from the rest by supplying and maintaining high-quality machines. Curious how we do that?

A global accounts program, in which we coordinate and standardize our worldwide activities with the global accounts and develop the relationship from being transactional to become strategic.

A workforce of +75 employees with very long employment relationships. We offer an active training plan to ensure our knowledge & skills.

A Sales Department with its own sales engineers to create technical high level solutions including 3D-drawings for quotations for special machines and customized total solutions.

R&D-department for new developments and an engineering department to execute customer projects and further improve existing technologies.

Product Management responsible for analizing the market for your current and future needs.

Our own production and assembly department in Enkhuizen, the Netherlands where everything is produced, assembled and tested.


Our own electrical department including panel construction and software programming.

Service department with VCA* certified personnel for fast handling of malfunctions, performing maintenance contracts and installation work.

Where to?

Seed processing companies (our customers) have many challenges due to, among other things, climate change, new bacteria and plant diseases, changing legislation with regard to pesticides and disinfectants and restrictions in sending seeds across borders. By conversations with our customers, we remain well informed of these developments and include this in our product and market strategy.

We are also self critical at Seed Processing Holland. We attach great importance to the quality of our machines. That is why we continuously analyze our processes and adapt where possible. This is the only way we can guarantee the high quality machines as you have come to expect from us for more than 50 years.

We strive to be even closer to you in the coming years. We do this by offering worldwide service, training and maintenance. In addition, we are committed to our own R&amp;D department. We continue to develop new machines and innovate existing machines. Our team consists of over 75 professionals. So you can be sure that we have the knowledge and skills to be of good service to you for the next 50 years.


Zoutketen 12

1601 EX Enkhuizen - Nederland

T : +31 (0)228 353 000  | E : sales@seedprocessing.nl

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